Moisturising creams t16,99 for 50ml

. Skin cell renewal cream with blackberry and ylang ylang essential oils
o Almond skin rejuvenating night cream
. Skin boosting moisturiser and serum 2-in-1 with lavender and rose essential oils
. Collagen retinol facial moisturiser with sandalwood and geranium essential oils
Face washes and scrubs l’15,99 for 100m1;
. Clarifying face wash with refreshing essential oil blend
. Almond and Oatmeal cleansing exfoliator with neroli and sweet orange essential oil blend
Body Butter €17.99 for 1 00ml;
. Whipped Shea body butter with patchouli and lime essential oils
Oils Ê24.99 per 100m1;
. Bespoke blended anti-stretch mark and massage oil


Clarifying face wash

Almond and Oatmeal cleansing exfoliator



Whipped Shea body butter

Massage oil


Collagen Retinol facial moisturizer

Skin cell renewal cream

Skin boosting moisturizer and serum 2-in-1

Skin rejuvenating night cream

cosmetologist applying skincare treatments at cosmetology school

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